25 Essentials to pack for your Bodyboard Holiday



By Callum Morse
Winter can be a tough old time to be a bodyboarder in northern Europe. Dark evenings, cold waters and howling winds are just some of the reasons why many of us decide to enjoy a little winter escape and jump on a plane to enjoy a bodyboarding-holiday.

Ensuring you have the right kit in your bag can really smooth your travel experience. After working for Bodyboard-Holidays we are meticulous about having the right kit for each of our trips so that we get the very best out of the waves. If you’re anything like me and leave you packing to the last minute a checklist can guarantee you land at your destination with all your gear. Don’t find yourself paddling in circles in Costa Rica because you only brought one fin!

This is the kit that we packed for our recent Morocco coaching holiday.
1. Warm Hoody – Regardless of your destinations local temps there are times where you can get cold, especially in the evenings. A hoody also comes in super handy on your return flight home. (http://bodyboard-depot.com/bodyboard-depot-logo-charcoal-hoodie)

2. T-Shirt – It’s always a good idea to have a few tshirts packed away. 3-5 should do a week long trip fine. (http://bodyboard-depot.com/bodyboard-depot-logo-black-t-shirt)

3. Laptop – Great for keeping yourself entertained in Transit and to watch Bodyboard flicks with your mates in the evenings.

4. Lycra Undershorts – Riding in just boardshorts is amazing but it can come with pretty nasty rubs and rashes. Throw on your undershorts to stop the chaffe. (http://bodyboard-depot.com/xcel-ventx-undershort)

5. Wet Bag – Keep all your wet items together without getting your rucksack soaked through. (http://bodyboard-depot.com/ocean-earth-deluxe-wetsuit-bag)

6. We always travel with two boards – Usually with slightly different features for different conditions. This is the PX core Barber board with a bat tail. Perfect for mixing it up a little and the bat tail certainly performs better on the smaller days. (http://bodyboard-depot.com/core-barber-pxs-ltd-bat-px-2015-bodyboard)

7. Shorty Wetsuit – Depending on your location a shorty wetsuit can be a great compromise between warmth and sun protection. (http://bodyboard-depot.com/wetsuits)
8. Wooly Hat – Keep that noggin warm during cool evenings.( http://bodyboard-depot.com/bodyboard-depot-beanie-hat-651)

9. Cap – Sun protection during mid-day is essential.

10. Fins and Finserts – A solid pair of well fitting fins (http://bodyboard-depot.com/bodyboard-fins) will pay dividends in the water. Check your current swim fins for tears or perishing also. Finserts will stop the nightmare that is fin rub (http://bodyboard-depot.com/bodyboard-depot-finserts)

11. Rashguard – Help prevent Rash from your suit or board as well as protecting yourself from the sun.

12. A bodyboard – with a suitable core for the water temperature that you are visiting.  When travelling to Morocco we recommend a PP core Board like this Barber board. (http://bodyboard-depot.com/core-the-barber-crescent-pp-2014)

13. Boardshorts – The more stretch the better!

14. Fullsuit 3/2 – In destinations like Morocco you’re still going to need a fullsuit a lot of the year. A summer suit will still feel a whole lot more flexible than your 5/4 waiting for you at home (if you’ve travelled from the UK!) http://bodyboard-depot.com/wetsuits

15. First Aid Kit – As you can imagine, one of the most important things to pack. Check your First Aid Kit before travelling and see if anything needs topping up in there. Check out our Bodyboard-Depot custom kits designed for bodyboard trips. http://bodyboard-depot.com/bodyboard-depot-first-aid-kit

16. Sarong/Towel – A lightweight towel or sarong to take to the beach with you is always a good idea, something to lie on as well as to protect your dignity as you squeeze into you shorty.

17. Toiletries – Don’t forget your toothbrush!

18. PASSPORT – Put it somewhere safe and keep checking you have it on you.

19. Bodyboard Manual – Self analyze your riding technique and keep pushing yourself. Surfing two to three times a day you’re going to improve much faster. Make sure you don’t pick up any bad habits along the way (http://bodyboard-depot.com/the-bodyboard-manual-book).

20. Suncream –  Get yourself a good waterproof suncream for your face. We offer a range of suncreams in our shop (http://bodyboard-depot.com/surfers-skin-sun-protection).

21. Flip Flops –  Pack a pair of flips flops that are gonna last you the trip.

22. Earplugs – Surfers Ear is still an issue in warm water. Don’t find yourself out the water with an ear infection.

23. Compeed Patches – You’re going to be bodyboarding, a lot! Wearing fins all day in the water for 2 or 3 sessions is probably more than your feet are used to. If you do get rub, chuck on a compeed patch and you’re good to go.

24. Sunglasses – Protect your eyes!

25. Smartphone – You might be trying to escape your phone and the internet for your holiday but always keep your phone handy in case of an emergengy. Put the local emergcy number into your contact list prior to arrival. Another great thing about smartphones now is the camera quality, get snapping those memories of your trip to look back on.

It’s time to book up your Dream Bodyboard Coaching Holiday… take a look here: https://www.bodyboard-holidays.com/


If you’re going to score the waves of your life… you need the correct kit! Image by Callum Morse/Salt Shots

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