5 Things We Did In Secret Morocco


5 Things We Did In Secret Morocco 

Our annual trips to Morocco are fast becoming one of our favourites in the calendar. In our secret spot there is so much to see, so many breaks to score and lots of authentic Moroccan culture to soak up. Here are 5 things we did on our latest outing to North Africa. 

1. Bodyboarding – Experiencing Different Types of Waves and Breaks 

The mixed ability crew including a couple of newbies as well as experienced riders (who have previously joined us in Costa Rica and Nicagragua) had a whole host of waves to sample during the week. We were lucky to score a lot of the different spots along the coastline with some lovely right hand point breaks and epic multi peak beach breaks. There really is something for everyone here. 

2. Exploring Beautiful Morocco – Adventure is Out There! 

All of the crew took up the opportunity to experience Morocco’s wild side by signing up to our North African Adventure package.  The NAA takes you to the edge of the Sahara Desert for a night under the stars. Before getting to the Sahara there’s plenty to see on the way down including the amazing arches at Legzira Beach, which is certainly one for the cameras. After setting up camp at the desert it’s time for that star show. You won’t believe your eyes when the sun goes down and the sky turns truly cosmic! It’s the perfect time to put away the phones sit around the campfire and play some cards with a beer before hitting the sack in the cosy tent ready for that dawn session the next day. 

3. Moroccan Culture – The Heart of North Africa 

Our secret spot is really off the beaten track deep in untouched Morocco. Walking through the streets here is an experience you won’t forget. Donkeys, tagines, Moroccan tea, rugs, desert trinkets, it’s a visual feast! There’s even a little candle lit bar to enjoy a glass of wine or beer after a “hard day’s” bodyboarding.  Five minutes from the village centre is a mini hike that takes you to an ancient fort offering incredible panoramic views from the coastline to the Atlas Mountains. It’s a good spot for a classic Moroccan sunset. 

4. Moroccan Food – Aroma and Spice! 

During our week’s stay we enjoyed some of Morocco’s finest cuisine including home made tagines, chicken dishes, incredible fresh fish and let’s not forget Moroccan pancakes every morning. The breakfasts certainly set you up for a day of bodyboarding! 

5. Bodyboard Judging Course – A Closer Look into Bodyboarding! 

With the conditions one afternoon not looking ideal for bodyboard coaching and the crew in need of some respite, lead instructor and ex competitor Rob Barber held a mini-judging course. Not only is judging and scoring waves super fun but it provides the group with the chance to see where they can improve and tweak their riding by having a closer look at manoeuvres and style of others from the beach. 

The trip to Morocco was a huge a success and saw clients who are new to the sport as well as experienced riders improve dramatically during the week. Our Bodyboard Holidays abroad provide our customers with a productive but relaxing getaway. Leaving the cold and dreary UK in November for some warmth and waves only 3 hours away is a luxury we have come to love with Morocco.

We can’t wait to get back there in March 2017! You can call us on 01637 877722 to book on the next trip or fill out one of our booking forms here.