Bodyboarding in Morocco? Watch this first!


Bodyboard-Holidays have recently returned from a fantastic seven days of bodyboarding and travelling around the pristine southern Moroccan coastline.

Our Secret Morocco trip is a real highlight of the year and our guests always have a fantastic time. Morocco has a tremendous amount to offer for a bodyboard trip and is much more than just waking up and going bodyboarding everyday. It’s about the rich culture, the desert landscapes, the colourful and fresh food on the market stalls, the smell of spices in the shops. All of this and so much more!

The thing that first attracted us to this part of Morocco was just how remote it is and how far removed from the busier stretches of coast to the north. Every year we go back and enjoy empty line ups and pumping waves, this year was no exception.

On day one we decided to head down the coast to a more mellow spot for everyone in the group to find their feet with the powerful Atlantic swell. A long couple of sessions in the sea gave the gang a good taste of the waves to come and a really good work out. As if that wasn’t enough exercise for one day we then had a short hike up to a historic fort to take in the breath taking sunset views across the desert and in to the sea.

When you think of Morocco you may think of long right hand point breaks. Our location on Secret Morocco certainly has a few of those! But day two we hit a left-hand barreling wave which turned into a mammoth session of bodyboarding epicness!

Three days into the trip and everyone is starting to really settle in to the pace and vibe of Morocco. The gang are loving the waves and Moroccan culture and enjoying the down time back at the accommodation chilling by the pool and hanging out as a big group, socialising with new friends made.

Improvements are really being made by the whole group now thanks to the long peeling waves and empty line ups. Combined with photo and video analysis and coaching from the instructors everyone is able to work on their bodyboarding and improve their skills. Great to see!

As the week draws to a close we look back on what an awesome week we have had. The one thing that was a permanent feature on this week was plenty of laughter. Everyone had a great time hanging out and chatting over our delicious evening meal and plans of future trips together were made.

We had a bucket load of bodyboarding over the week, enjoyed the amazing Moroccan culture, ate like kings and made new friends. What more could you ask for from a bodyboarding trip?

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