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Covid-19 Terms & Conditions

Bodyboard-Holidays has now re-opened for activities… at a distance.

The Government has released a set of guidelines that apply to all businesses in the sport and recreation industry. From Wednesday 13th May, all providers of sport and recreation were allowed to reopen if they feel ready and deem it safe enough to do so. We fall under this category and have taken all necessary steps to reopen and operate responsibly and safely. We understand the seriousness of the global situation and want to create solutions with longevity. Please take some time to read through the latest guidelines to familiarise yourself with how things have changed.

How are we going to operate during COVID-19 with regards our UK based coaching events?

After hours of conversations, handy zoom meetings, and a lot of careful consideration, we have taken the decision to gradually re-open our doors in a controlled and responsible way. As ever, safety is at the forefront of everything we do and we hold the wellbeing of our customers and staff in the highest regard. With the risk of sounding like a government representative during the daily briefing, we must stay alert now more than ever.

The Government has stated that being outdoors is a much easier way to social distance. It eliminates the chance of the virus being confined within walls and therefore easier to avoid. Coupled with the latest advice that there is now no limit on daily exercise, this has led us to reopen our doors for customers who wish to safely and confidently escape the recent constraints of lockdown. From July 5ths this is due to be updated again with the opening of accommodation and the option to travel all over the UK and stay overnight.

We will again be offering our  UK based coaching weekends in Newquay, Croyde, Wales etc. All of our sessions have been completely revised and adapted to make sure that they are following the Government guidelines, and that they are suitable and safe to go ahead.

We have based our decisions on really thinking about what is safe and possible to achieve whilst maintaining the 2 metre social distancing rule. No more than 5 people per group can enjoy all of the activities that we offer. These individuals can be from separate households. So opting for Bodyboarding in Newquay could be an excellent way to reconnect with the outdoors.

How have we adapted the daily running of the centre?

To conform to the Government guidelines, we have completely overhauled our daily practices within Bodyboard-Holidays. We have put in new measures and safety barriers to make sure that any physical contact between staff and customers is eliminated. Likewise, any equipment that is hired out of the centre will go through a much more rigorous cleaning phase before it is allowed to go out again.

The new operating procedures have been put in place so we can begin to enjoy the ocean again in a safe and responsible way. They are as follows:

  • Signs and Reminders. These will be around the centre to keep people aware of the guidelines and limits.
  • Stagger Customer Arrival. Customers will be asked to arrive at different times throughout the day. This will ensure that the surf hire centre is kept as clear and clean as possible and prevent people from breaking the 2 metre social distance rule.
  • Ask Customers to be Prepared. We will ask all customers to think about their booked activity and arrive appropriately dressed for the session. This will limit the usage of changing rooms and toilets – helping to prevent the spread.
  • Increased Wetsuit Wash. All of our wetsuits are now being soaked in either Dettol or Milton Sterilising Fluid to ensure they are thoroughly cleaned. These have both been medically proven to kill COVID-19. In addition to this, we have increased the soak time of our wetsuits up to 15 minutes for a longer wash.
  • All Equipment Sterilised. Any other equipment hired out such as bodyboards or fins will also be properly cleaned and sterilised before they can be used again.
  • Rotate Kit Use. We have enough kit here that we are able to stagger how often it’s used. This ensures that there is sufficient time between two customers using the same piece of equipment – allowing them to be fully cleaned and fresh for use.
  • Be Aware of Customer Skill. As mentioned before, we will make sure your level of experience matches the conditions of the water. This will limit the need for instructor interference and will maintain a safe social distance.
  • Social Distancing. For all of our bodyboad coaching sessions, we have adjusted our teaching methods to constantly maintain a safe distance between staff and customers. If you are on a bodyboard lesson, we will make sure you are always in the safest conditions to minimise any chance of drifting.

We are really putting an emphasis on demonstration and communication. If you pay attention and listen to the instructor at all times, this will definitely be a safe and repeatable experience during the ongoing situation around COVID-19.

Covid-19 Terms & Conditions

How are we going to operate during COVID-19 with regards our international coaching holidays?

At Bodyboard-Holidays, we are thinking of everyone who helps to create the holiday memories we love and see how we can best support them during these unprecedented and troubling times. This includes our fantastic suppliers, dedicated in-destination partners, our incredible Bodyboard-Holidays team, and of course, the reason we do it – you, our loyal customers.

We are learning all the time how best to deal with this situation.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we have put in place a ‘Green’ or ‘Amber’ status for each of our trips. We are carefully monitoring the situation in each destination so that when we are ready (and only when it is safe to do so) our surf trips will be going ahead again.

If you are interested in a trip we can let you know the status. They are as follows:


This indicates that in line with UK government or Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) guidelines this trip is planned to go ahead, all systems go for you to book with us.  At the time of booking, we will advise you when to book your travel (and when to book relevant accommodation) for the trip or weekend.  The only reason that this wouldn’t go ahead would be a change in the government or FCO plans. If this did happen you would be awarded a voucher to join the event at its next scheduled date. If you couldn’t make the date you could join an alternative event. The voucher would be valid for 18 months. If you required a refund and it was prior to 12 weeks before the event this would be awarded.


This indicates that currently, while the trip is planned to go ahead, we are watching updates carefully and making sure that it is officially ok to travel to the location. Therefore we are taking enquiries for the trip and if you would like to attend we would suggest that you claim your place by paying a £150 deposit.

If you aren’t comfortable paying the £150 deposit we can take your contact details and get in touch with you when the event status moves to green. At which time you can book. However most of our events do sell out so we do recommend that you guarantee your place with a financial deposit. We will then be in touch to confirm when the status of the event is moved to green and at that time you should book your flight or travel to the location. At that stage you would pay for the remainder of the trip (or we can set you up a payment plan for you). It’s important that you hold off until we confirm, as it will hinge on FCO travel updates or expected government guidelines. If the government or FCO advice were for the event not to happen you would be awarded a voucher to join the event at its next scheduled date. If you couldn’t make the date you could join an alternative event. The voucher would be valid for 18 months. If you required a refund and it was prior to 12 weeks before the event this would be awarded.

In line with travel advisories we have developed new procedures, risk assessments and staff training to ensure all our guests’ safety.

The safety and welfare of our guests and staff is our highest priority. We are closely following Government, Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) updates to keep informed of the situation and will update the status of a trip when changes take place.  The advice from our local operators, on the ground at each destination, is allowing us to stay up to date more closely with what is possible.


Can I still book a place onto the upcoming events?

Yes! We are still taking bookings for our upcoming events + trips that are on Green or Amber status. Our booking team is still available for your enquiries and bookings. We will simply email you an invoice, or you can pay over the phone. We are taking deposits and full balances to secure your place(s). Please check the terms of your trips status at time of booking.

What happens to my money if the trip doesn’t go ahead and can I get a refund?

In order to adhere to this recognised Global Force Majeure event, and to obey to restrictions enforced by the Prime Minister on the 23rd March 2020 we have amended our standard terms. This allows guests, in the event of a status change of an event to postpone their trip booking up to 18 months from their original booking date. 100% of the booking’s value, regardless of price increases can be carried forward. If you require a refund and are more than 12 weeks out from your trip you will be financially re credited.

What about if I’m booked on a trip and it can no longer go ahead due to Covid-19? 

We will move your booking to a future date, hold your payment and offer you a voucher to use in the future.

If you decide not to pay your outstanding balance by the final payment date (12 weeks before departure) we will automatically return your deposit in the form of a credit to your Bodyboard-Holidays account.

We are keeping a close eye on the UK’s Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), ABTA, Public Health England, local health authorities and our team that are based in our destinations. We will respond to any advice by the FCO against non-essential travel to your destination and will contact you as soon as it is clear we won’t be able to provide your holiday.

What happens if I pay my deposit for a trip and am waiting to purchase my flight / travel when the trip status becomes ‘Green’ the price of travel is beyond my budget? 

You will be awarded a voucher to use on a future trip to the same destination or one of our other trip options.

Not sure about booking?

We appreciate that due to the level of uncertainty it is difficult to make a decision. We are monitoring international travel updates on a daily basis. It’s what we do! So we are only putting events on to green or amber status when guidelines suggest that those trips will safely be coming back on line for us. We are here at the end of the phone or email if you want to talk. Our trips and weekends do tend to sell out so by putting a deposit down you can have the peace of mind that you have your place reserved if the event does go ahead.

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