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North Devon’s bodyboarding hotspot

Croyde Bodyboard Camp

From £169

Stunning Devon bodyboard weekend with beach side accommodation option
Variety of beaches and surf spots perfect for all riding abilities
Free goodies from event sponsor Ocean Corduroy
Photo & video package of you riding included

Fancy some scorching French-style sandbars and a laid-back Californian vibe but don’t want to spend hours on a plane? Come join us on our new Croyde bodyboard camp, scooping into some of the best barrels in the UK.

Quick Facts

Water Temperature: 7°C – 18°C
Local Currency: Pound Sterling
Language: English
Local Beer: Devon Rock
 Mixed Climate
Consistent swell
Surf 2ft – 6ft
Beach, reef and pointbreaks
Perfect for foundation, intermediate and advanced riders
Bespoke one-on-one coaching tailored to your skill set
Secluded caravan accommodation next to the beach
 Beautiful coastal village with character and charm

Upcoming Trips


April 23, 2022 > April 24, 2022
Croyde Coaching Weekend Sponsored by Ocean Corduroy
May 21, 2022 > May 22, 2022
Croyde Coaching Weekend
October 8, 2022 > October 9, 2022
Croyde Coaching Weekend Sponsored by Ocean Corduroy

Trip Information

Our Aim

On a 48-hour immersion mission, we’re plundering North Devon’s bounty at the best times of the year for swell, maximising what Croyde and its surrounding coastline is famous for – some of the sickest waves in the south west. 

Perhaps you’ve only dreamt of experiencing the mesmerising beauty of a funnelling tube? Or maybe you’re an experienced barrel rider, and are after a low-tide shot of adrenaline while sharing some amazing waves with a group of likeminded people.

With our Croyde bodyboard camps, you too can now experience the best coaching available at one of the top 3 beach breaks in the UK.


Devon’s north coast is just an hour off the M5 and boasts some of the best waves in the country.

From hollow low-tide sandbanks to peeling point breaks, the stretch from Saunton to Lynmouth offers something for everyone, set among a stunning ice-age landscape of giant cliffs where Exmoor National Park tumbles into the sea.

Croyde Beach

The jewel in North Devon’s crown, Croyde’s low-tide sandbanks are something to behold. Reeling above these lumps unfurl some of the most perfect hollow barrels you can find in Britain, making tube-riding a virtual guarantee.

Unlike lesser beachbreaks, Croyde doesn’t need size to give power, and is just as happy spitting you out of 2ft barrels as it is when it gets big. As the tide pushes, there are super fun shoulders to carve into and roll out of, giving you ample opportunity to take your bodyboarding to the next level.

Saunton Sands

Sheltered from northerly winds around the headland south of Croyde, Saunton is a huge stretch of beach, perfect to advance your riding when getting into the sport, or building on a foundation.

A mellower spot, Saunton gives nice long walls to ride, an ideal place to gain confidence in the water and nail the basics such as paddling, duckdiving and shifting your weight when chasing down the line.


The main spot to hit if the winds switch more southwesterly, Putsborough is a beautiful stretch of beach giving more punch than Saunton Sands.

Able to make sense of and straighten out messy swell, Putsborough offers good rides to beginner and intermediate riders on a rising tide, who want a step up from Saunton.


Further up the bay from Putsborough, Woolacombe is another wide, exposed beach, able to hoover up swell and deliver good rides throughout the tides.

Being less protected than Putsborough means it handles more swell, and when the stars align it can offer some epic low-tide banks not dissimilar to Croyde. Another classic beach in the area, it loves nothing more than some solid swell and an E/SE wind.


One of the longest left-hand point breaks in the country, north-facing Lynmouth is capable of peeling 300m waves down its rocky reef, linking up sections and giving endless opportunities to get shacked, play in and off the shoulder and carve buckets.

The high, dramatic Exmoor backdrop behind Lynmouth is absolutely breathtaking, making a session here feel all the more epic. The wave itself is a hidden gem, often lighting up in bigger swells when the west-facing beaches suffer in the wind.

As well as these main spots, this special corner of north Devon is littered with a number of secret spots to seek out and enjoy.


After years of competing and spending time surfing Croyde and the surrounding area, it’s fair to say we’ve seen and experienced our fair share of North Devon accommodation!

Our tops picks for accommodation for the event are (based on 1/2 people):

  1. Ruda Holiday Park – We base ourselves here during the weekend. With camping, touring and caravan rentals there are plenty of options to choose from and it’s only a short walk from the beach!
  2. The Thatch – A B&B pub with a variety of rooms, this is a great option in the heart of Croyde.
  3. Croyde Bay Hotel – Options to stay in the hotel, self catering cottages or lodges the resort has views over Croyde beach and facilities including a swimming pool.
  4. Combas Farm – This 17th century B&B farmhouse is a short walk from Croyde village.


Airbnb (some of our favourites but more available!)

  1. Seashell Cottage – This surf cottage has a homely feel and is a 15 minute walk from Croyde beach and a great option for those with a smaller budget.
  2. Croyde Bay Bliss – A self contained apartment with sea and countryside views. Three night minimum.

Of course there are many more accommodation options and it’s up to you how many nights you stay. You can join us for our Friday night meal if you want to come down early, meet us on Saturday morning for the coaching or even make a long weekend of it and stay Sunday too!

We meet at EX33 1NP on both days so bear this in mind when choosing!


Devon’s air and sea climate is a positive combination of factors – being located in the south west means it has one of Britain’s higher average annual sea temperatures, with warm summers, mild winters and excellent swell exposure!

This is great for a few reasons – we maximise our chances of hitting decent swell year-round, giving us the best run of the sandbanks that consistently deliver, session after session, season after season.

This weekend is about progressing your riding and building on your skills so you continue to reap the rewards – whether that’s tweaking your speed line, improving your rail control, or flat out shredding in high-quality waves, whatever the temperature.

Food Croyde Bodyboard Camp


With fantastic local produce and passionate producers, Devon’s gastronomy is quickly growing its already strong reputation. As well as its seafood coming fresh out of the clean and temperate waters of the Atlantic, the lush, fertile soils of the county’s valleys also produce high-quality fruit and vegetables.

Of course Devon’s culinary treasures also extend to the classic Devonshire cream tea (jam on cream, never cream on jam), pasties (similar to the Cornish pasty but crimped over the top not down the side), and of course the knee-knocking Scrumpy cider.

On Friday evening there is an optional group meal at our favourite local restaurant. We generally eat at around 20.15 so that those travelling from further afield can make it. It’s a great chance to meet up and enjoy a laid-back welcome from the team.

On Saturday we ask you to bring a packed lunch, on Saturday evening we will eat at a local café/restaurant, and on the Saturday evening we’ll have a group meal and a few drinks at our favourite bodyboarder-owned Croyde eatery.

Guests purchase their own food and drink over the weekend – we’d particularly recommend the breakfast brunch pastry in Croyde’s post office/bakery!

For further information on food see the FAQ’s

Coaching Croyde Bodyboard Camp


Our coaching team offers daily tuition, tailored to your ability with instructors who are in-house qualified and fully insured. Experienced lifeguards, some have 30 years of surfing experience and 20 years of worldwide travel experience, including multiple-times British National Champion and Team Coach Rob Barber.

Foundation level instruction

You’ll never be thrown straight into the deep end. We’ve got your back whatever your ability, and that’s a promise. Likewise, intermediate and advanced-level coaching is also tailored towards the individual.

Don’t stress if you’re a beginner – on this camp there’s something for everyone, and we all have to start somewhere. In fact, you’ll be amazed how quickly you master paddling out to catch good-quality waves, and we’re committed to patiently helping you progress.

Improver Instruction

To aid with this, we send out a pre-event form to measure your ability before you arrive. If you’ve not attended a coaching weekend or holiday before, don’t worry – we can have a surf assessment, get to grips with your riding and help plot you a path of improvements.

Advanced Instruction

Our coaching cover all levels of riding, with separate ability groups and instructors to suit your standard, whether you’re a novice or a pro. Some of the riders that have attended our weekends have wanted to learn the most gymnastic aerial moves. The use of video and photo analysis plus the invaluable in-water tips after each ride can see you improve your style and nail those specfic moves that you’ve always wanted to land. We help everyone achieve their goals.


If you’re coming by road, Croyde is located about an hour from the M5 on the A361, just west of Barnstaple. This makes it a much more accessible spot than Cornwall for those coming from the North, Wales, the Midlands and east of the country.

Please be aware that if you park on the grass outside your caravan it can get very slidey if the weather is wet. Don’t park on the grass if your vehicle is likely to get stuck!

We’ll meet at a predetermined time on the Saturday morning, which will be confirmed in an information pack we send you three days before the camp, and we’ll be finished early afternoon / after lunch on the Sunday, giving you good time to get home. If you’re coming by train you will be dropped to Barnstable where you can get a taxi to Croyde.


Bodyboard Weekend



Please see the accommodation tab for the different options available for each weekend.

Equipment hire

We have pro standard equipment available to hire for the weekend, let us know your requirements and sizes at time of booking:

Bodyboard Hire £8 per day
Swim fin hire £8 per day
Wetsuit hire £8 per day


We will head to a local pub for a meal on Saturday evening, you should budget around £12 for this. Then we have lunch on the Sunday which will be around £10. This is optional.

Free Goodies

Our event sponsor Ocean Corduroy supplies free goodies for all participants. Previously these have included either a T-shirt, a cap or a beanie.

Payment Plans

You can pay in full at time of booking or you can split the payment into two or three instalments. The dates of these instalments can be agreed at time of booking.  Until your first payment is received your place on the trip is not reserved. The full balance for the trip must be received 12 weeks prior to departure.

Area Croyde Bodyboard Camp


Devon is a county famed for its wild and dramatic landscapes, located in England’s remote south west.

Boasting two national parks – Exmoor and Dartmoor – Devon is often overlooked by excited holidaymakers whizzing through it on the way to Cornwall. It has much to offer in its own right however, with an incredible variety of beaches and a comparable quality of surf.

North Devon’s coastline is similar to Cornwall’s, just on a grander scale – huge glacial cliffs carve and drop sharply into the crashing Atlantic, interposed with dense, forested valleys winding their way up into foggy peaks beyond.

The pristine sandy beaches, quiet coves and untouched cobbled fishing villages of North Devon all help make it one of the UK’s most naturally beautiful counties, and it is rapidly becoming a favourite bodyboard camp with our guests, who never realised what they were missing.

Kit List

Pro-standard bodyboard hire – £8 per day
Swim fin hire – £8 per day
Wetsuit hire – £8 per day

Bodyboarding is one of life’s great pleasures, and that’s why we offer an excellent selection of kit hire for the weekend, which can be ordered in advance and that we’ll bring along, so all you need to think about is the surf, sea and sun! If you have your own kit please bring it along.

Feel free to call us on 01637 879571 and we can chat with you about what you’d need to hire so it’s ready and waiting for you when you arrive. 


Being Britain and not the tropics, we’d recommend a board with a bit of flex! Therefore aim to bring a board with either a stringered PE or a low-density PP core.

To help with this, we can supply hired boards which are perfect for use in British temperatures and wave types.

If you need to hire one for the weekend, or are interested in trying one different to your own, get in touch and we can get you sorted with the right-sized board so you can get the most out of the weekend.


Although Devon waters are some of the mildest in the country, we’d still recommend bringing along a decent wetsuit.

A winter 5/3mm is perfect for the cooler times of year, or a sealed-seam 3/2mm is ideal for Devon’s balmy summer and autumn seasons.


It’s essential to use a pair of comfortable, powerful, bodyboarding swim fins to get the most from the awesome waves on the camp. 


It’s a simple insurance policy on any trip or weekend, so don’t forget a leash – it’ll save you a whole load of unnecessary swimming. 

Bodyboard bag

A decent board bag will keep your kit safely protected, and have room left over for bulky things like your wetsuit, fins and a towel. They range from £20 to more than £100 – the more you pay, the better storage and protection you get.

Board sock

Board socks perform a dual purpose, protecting your board from the sun, and drying you off as it’s a handy towel. The humble board sock is a great all-rounder. 

Fin socks

Fin socks are a standard piece of kit for Britain, even in the summer. They protect your feet from rub and sharp rocks, as well as keeping them toasty on the early morning sessions. 

Heel shields

If you don’t wear wetsuit socks and want to prevent rub around your heels, it’s worth considering a set of heel shields. They make fins comfortable, stop chafe and have different thickness levels to suit the snugness of your fin. 

Fin tethers

Don’t let a lost fin ruin the rest of your trip. Bag a set of tethers and know you’ll pop up from every duckdive and wipeout with both fins still attached.

Sun protection

There are a range of sun creams geared specifically for bodyboarding. We can attest they actually stay on in the water, and we’ve tested them in some searing conditions.

While we can’t guarantee bright blue skies, there’s nothing worse than having to sit out on an epic session because your suncream washed off yesterday and today you’re painfully crispy.


Please bring multiple layers to be ready for all weather conditions.

Packed Lunch

Please bring a packed lunch for Saturday

Small Change

Please bring some small change to contribute to beach carparks if we go mobile.

What’s Included

We want to maximise your time in the water on this camp, which is why we offer three in-water sessions* over the two days. Free goodies for all participants from event sponsor Ocean Corduroy.

The Saturday sessions are each two hours long, and can be catered to cover any aspects of bodyboarding you wish to focus on. The Sunday session will be longer, giving you a chance to put into practice the developments you’ve made, and build on things you’ve learned.

All  of your in-water sessions will be filmed and these will be analysed during two feeback sessions. This will include demonstrations and move-by-move break downs to help you conquer every aspect of the sport.

As well as coaching, we’re also keen to develop your learning and understanding of the sport in general. This is why we offer a separate Q&A session, answering all things bodyboarding: equipment, travel, safety, surf prediction, understanding pressure charts and bodyboarding fitness. Learning is tailored to each ability group, and no question is too big or small.

If you have taken the accommodation option we have arranged a late check out on Sunday, the accommodation doesn’t need to be vacated until 16.00 meaning that you can shower and pack up after the final bodyboarding session.

Photography and video analysis will be available throughout all sessions to help improve your riding, you will also be able to take this home with you! Just bring along a memory stick and we will upload all of the video from the weekend to it for you. All the images will be uploaded to and online gallery, at the end of the weekend we will send you a link so you can access and download your images.

* see Autumn / Winter tab


If you are staying in our accommodation for the Friday night we check in during early evening. Details regarding check-in time and key pick up are covered in your pre weekend email (the Wednesday before the weekend). Then head out as a group for a bite to eat in the evening.

If you are just arriving for the coaching sessions, your Saturday morning start time will be sent to you in the pre weekend information email.

If you are staying in our accommodation for Friday and Saturday nights only you will benefit from a late check out for 16.00 allowing you to have a shower and pack up after the Sunday bodyboarding sessions are complete.

The coaching ends by Sunday lunch time and most people leave by mid afternoon.

If you choose to stay on for the extra night you will check out by 10am on Monday morning.

All details regarding arrival times and meeting points are sent to you on the Wednesday before the camp begins.


Frequently Asked Questions about our Croyde Camp.

Do I need a visa?

At present, there is no visa required to enter the UK for European citizens. However, this can vary for non-European visitors, so you should seek advice about any possible visa requirements from your travel agent in advance.

What currency should I take and how much will I spend?

The currency in the UK is the British Pound, which you can pick up from UK travel agencies, banks or post offices.

If you are an international traveller, please get your money changed before the trip or bring a card to take money out from the ATM. Getting this done ahead of time will help to maximise your surf time and minimise the stress of looking for a place to exchange your currency on the weekend.

In addition to food costs (detailed below), we recommend bringing around £8 in change for any beach car parks which we may use on the surfari. If you are car sharing with other riders on the course we will ask you all to chip in for the car park.

What will we do about food?

There is an optional meal on Friday evening, it will generally be at 20.15 at our favourite local restaurant and will be a great opportunity for everyone to meet. Full details in the pre weekend email.

For Saturday morning we suggest that you organise your own breakfast. Bring a packed lunch for our Saturday surfari.

There are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars at the beaches which we will be visiting if you want to venture out after your bodyboarding sessions for a snack, but it’s still a good idea to bring some food along with you as the cafe’s can be busy (when the weather is good) or closed (if it’s raining!).

On Saturday night we will have a group meal, at our favourite, bodyboarder owned restaurant just 5 minutes from camp, so aim to budget around £12 for that. We will take orders on

Saturday morning during our welcome meeting. During the meal all guests will be presented with free goodies from event sponsor Ocean Corduroy. Expect T-shirts or beanies/caps.

They’re always a big hit!

On Sunday morning you will need to organise your own breakfast. If you’re staying in our accommodation we usually opt for some toast, fruit or cereals.

Sunday lunchtime we will all go for a bite before heading off home. We use this time to review the final photographs and video footage, give and get feedback and a fun awards ceremony.

If you budget £25 – £30 in total for food over the weekend that should be plenty. From experience, it’s worth bringing some snacks in your bag to keep you fuelled during the day.

Can I make contact from abroad?

If you are based outside of the UK and would like to chat through the weekend details, we can be contacted through WhatsApp, Facetime or Skype, just let us know by email and we can arrange this with you.

How do I pay?

Payments are all made via our online invoicing system called Simple Invoices. Once you have confirmed you wish to join a trip we will send you an online invoice via email. Within this email there will be a link where that will take you to our secure payment system where you will need to enter your credit or debit card details to make the payment. In some circumstances we can facilitate a payment plan, just let us know if you wish to discuss this. Full payment must be made 12 weeks prior to the holiday start date.

Payment Plans

You can pay in full at time of booking or you can split the payment into two or three instalments. The dates of these instalments can be agreed at time of booking.  Until your first payment is received your place on the trip is not reserved. The full balance for the trip must be received 12 weeks prior to departure.

What happens if I want to cancel my booking?

If you can no longer join the trip please let us know as soon as possible via email, your cancellation will be effective from the date which it is received by Bodyboard-Holidays. Cancellation charges are payable as follows:

Over 12 weeks – deposit only (one third of the total trip price)
36 days to 12 weeks – 50% of total cost
21-35 days – 75% of total cost
Under 20 days – 100% of total cost

However if your cancellation is within the terms of your insurance policy, you may be able to make a claim. Further information here.

We’re stoked to announce that we have revamped our winter weekends and they’re going to run  a little different to the summer months. We have changed things up to maximise progression, in water coaching and to keep you warm! Winter bodyboarding doesn’t have to be unpleasant in any way! Between the end of October and the beginning of April our weekends will include one extra long session on the Saturday and a session the Sunday (instead of three shorter ones), this means no getting in and out of wet wetsuits! We’ve listened to your feedback and know that this will maximise your time in the water and minimise the chill factor!

This format has some huge benefits. Firstly, we can extend the video analysis session on the Saturday without the worry of losing daylight for the second session. Secondly, will also be having lots of indoor coaching and bodyboard theory. And finally, this will enable us to get you on the best waves for your bodyboarding ability throughout the sessions, this is because we can time our longer session on Saturday over the best tide, wind and wave conditions, rather than trying to shoehorn two sessions in when perhaps the conditions aren’t at a premium.

These changes have been borne through the need to maximise our time in the water during the best tide times. Previously we have found that due to the shorter daylight hours we have struggled to score two good sessions on the Saturday. Our focus is to have you all in the water for the longest comfortable time. We will be offering hot drinks and a snack break mid way through the long session on Saturday in order to keep you all fueled up and ready to rip.


  • Two bodyboard lessons throughout the weekend, extended session on Saturday with hot chocolate and snacks (to get maximum coaching without having to put on a wet wetsuit!)
  • Two video/photo analysis sessions to see your progression sky rocket. This will include demonstrations and move-by-move break downs to help you conquer every aspect of the sport.
  • Indoor coaching + bodyboarding theory
  • Q and A sessions about bodyboarding equipment, travel, safety, surf prediction and bodyboarding fitness.
  • Photographs and video will be taken to help you to improve your riding. These will be yours to take home at the end of the weekend.
  • Discount card for Bodyboard-Depot, Rip Curl concept store and local bars and restaurants.
  • Goodies from sponsors and the chance to be presented with a new board at certain events.
  • Railway station pick up and drop off (terms apply)

*Two bodyboarding sessions in total over the weekend during the winter months, with extended video analysis sessions and skills work (in the warm!).

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“Had a great weekend, gained new skills, well organised and staff were very friendly and helpful. I met some nice people in the group. Accommodation perfect beaches beautiful, would recommend and will use again.”

Rob Benson

“This was the first trip away with Rob and his team but it certainly won’t be the last. Brilliant teaching skills and very patient. The trip was very well organised and everyone was great company.


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