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Explore Ireland’s incredible, uncrowded bodyboarding waves

Ireland Bodyboard Holiday


Cool Irish perfection, warm hospitality
Numerous beaches, reefs, slabs, points and wedges
Perfect for all riding abilities
Stunning natural landscape

“Ireland’s surf breaks are perfect for bodyboarding, and it’s pretty heavenly to get in the water even when it’s ice cold! It’s truly God’s country … long flowing green hills, constant-flowing Guinness, and big, flowing barrels.”

Jase Finlay, professional bodyboarder

Quick Facts

Water Temperature: 8°C – 17°C
Local Currency: Euros
Language: English
Local Beer: Guinness
 Mixed Climate
Consistent swell
Surf 2ft – 20ft
Beach, point,and some of the world’s best reefs
Perfect for beginners/intermediate/advanced riders
Bespoke one-on-one coaching tailored to your skill set
Coastal house accommodation
 Rolling green hills and magical waterfalls

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Trip Information

Our Aim

Come get pitted as we head to the north west of Ireland for a week of hunting empty beaches, perfect waves and sick setups, all with a healthy dose of warm Celtic ‘craic’.

Ireland’s perfect waves and numerous secret spots have gained huge media attention over the last few years, and it’s rightly earned a reputation as the cool-water Indonesia, thanks to its abundant swell and pure, hollow power.

Setting up base in the laid-back surf town of Bundoran, every day we’ll explore a stunning, wave-rich coastline that offers an incredible variety of beach breaks, reefs, slabs and wedges, all hoovering up raw Atlantic swell and laying it out with remarkable consistency.

Our local guides are dialled in to all the top spots and we’ll make sure you score the best of them – we’re here to set you up for an awesome week of bodyboard coaching in waves suitable for all abilities, staying in a breathtaking natural landscape.

The people you’ll meet on this trip are all feeding the same addiction for travel, scoring epic waves, improving their riding and enjoying immense sunsets. So come along, make new bodyboarding friends and meet people you could surf with for many years to come.


The epic setups of Ireland have long been known to the lucky locals, but it has only been over the last 10 years that the wider bodyboarding population has discovered some of the Emerald Isle’s long-kept secrets.

Partly protecting Britain’s west coast, Ireland absorbs all the raw swell generated from distant hurricanes off the US east coast, long-period low pressure systems spinning up from the tropics, and sinking Arctic lows brought east on the jet stream.

All of this energy hits every beach, bay, cove, cliff, nook and cranny on Ireland’s west coast, lighting up literally thousands of surf breaks, some found, many not.

The water is cool, the air is fresh, but the Irish welcome is always warm. We get stuck into the best around Bundoran and up and down its coasts, seeking out some of the incredible variety of beaches, reefs, wedges, slabs and point breaks on offer here.

Bundoran Peak

One of the best A-frame peaks you’ll ever see, The Peak breaks at low tide on the push and throws out a shortish, hollow right and a longer, better left with multiple sections.

Hugely consistent, works at any size, and is bang offshore in SE winds – it’s the feather in Bundoran’s cap.

Tullan Strand

A solid all-rounder, Tullan Strand is one of those dependable swell-magnets which works throughout the tide on swells of any size, all throughout the year.

Best at low tide with a west swell and a SE wind, it’s an open break that offers a load of left wedges and shorter rights with high consistency. Check the current next to the headland for an easy paddle out.

Black Spot

One for us spongers, Black Spot is a solid reef on the border which gives short, slabby lefts at low tide, and longer, hollower rights at high tide.


Easkey offers both a right and high-quality left-hand reef break, both of which can get epic on their day. The right works best at low tide, and gives long walls to tear apart.

The left is one of the gems of this coast, and the country. It works on all tides, all swell and can handle the big stuff.


Known locally as ‘Lissy’, it’s mainly a left-hand reef which picks up a fair bit of swell, and also has a pretty decent right too, which works best at low tide. It’s an easy paddle and is offshore in a S/SE wind.

As well as the above, there are also a whole host of epic secret spots which even our Irish guides don’t tell us the names of!


A perfect spot to recharge between sessions, we’ll all be staying at a traditional coastal property just a stone’s throw from some of the best surf breaks in the area, including the incredibly consistent wedges of Tullan Strand.

The accommodation has all the luxuries of home, but with the added bonus of being just a stone’s throw from Bundoran Peak and Main Beach while sitting in the lounge or kitchen!

Climate Ireland Bodyboard Holiday


It may be a cliché, but in north-west Ireland in autumn it certainly holds true: you can experience four seasons in one day!

But while the weather may change its mood regularly, we can always rely on the ocean to deliver the goods. The abundance of swell – often groomed, long-period groundswell – that serves the reef strata in this region means you’re often spoiled for choice, made all the harder when so many of the breaks will be totally empty.

Sunshine or not, you’re guaranteed to keep the cold at bay with firing beaches, smoking reefs and the friendly warmth of the locals, who’ll often go out of their way to make you feel a part of this very special corner of the world.

Regardless, it’s probably still a smart idea to line up some suitable clothing for the week, so bring a warm, waterproof coat, cosy beanie, shorts and flips flops!

While it’s rarely cold in the water in October, we’d suggest bringing a full-length, sealed-seam 3/2mm or 4/3mm wetsuit and socks, keeping you toasty but flexible for an awesome week of bodyboarding that will be sure to stay long in the memory.

Food Ireland Bodyboard Holiday


Having self-catered accommodation for the week allows us all to prepare and cook up all manner of fresh local produce, fuelling you up with all the delicious, healthy goodness you need to improve your riding and get you paddling harder for longer.

When it comes to eating out, there is also an excellent selection of local restaurants and pubs in nearby towns to grab a bite and a pint, and experience first-hand the warmth and welcome of the Irish.

First up on this list is local bodyboarder Shane Meehan’s restaurant ‘Stoked’ in Strandhill – even the tables are bodyboard shaped, you’ll feel right at home!

Coaching Ireland Bodyboard Holiday


While Bundoran and its surrounds offers a large variety of beaches and surf breaks catering to riders of all abilities, the sheer quantity of high-quality spots in this area will naturally attract some boogers who are already riding at a decent standard.

Intermediate Instruction

If you’re an intermediate-level bodyboarder looking to ratchet your riding up a level and land aerial moves or tighten up your pocket-riding game, the peaks, banks and reef set-ups here will have you day-dreaming.

Advanced and Intermediate Coaching

And of course the west coast of Ireland is home to some of the heaviest and most respected reef waves in the world. While we won’t be trekking down to Riley’s or trying our hand at towing-in at Mullaghmore, this northern stretch of coastline is more than capable of offering waves of consequence.

So if you’re an advanced-level rider looking to step it up in bigger waves, maybe stalling to get deeper in the barrel, or to get more technical with your boosts and rotations, this area is a playground of possibilities.

Whatever your level, our coaching team is on hand to offer daily tuition should you want it. This is tailored to your ability, with instructors who are in-house qualified and fully insured, and includes beach, water and classroom-based tuition.

Our team comprises experienced lifeguards, some of whom have 20 years of surfing and worldwide travel behind them, including multiple-times British National Champion and Team Coach Rob Barber.

Foundation level Instruction

As a beginner, you’ll never be thrown straight into the deep end. We’ve got your back whatever your ability, and that’s a promise. If you’re new to the sport there are waves such as Tullan Strand that are simply made for fast progression.

Don’t stress if you’re only now giving it a go – on this camp there’s something for everyone, and we all have to start somewhere. In fact, you’ll be amazed how quickly you master paddling out to catch good-quality waves, and we’re committed to patiently helping you progress.

Foundation coaching includes:

  • An oceanography class at the start of the camp to understand breaks, rips and currents
  • Video and photo analysis
  • Bodyboarding safety, beach awareness, and how to catch waves
  • How to paddle out, gain speed, duck-dive and wipe out safely
  • Learning moves such as cutbacks, barrel rolls and 360 spins
  • How to get the most from your equipment, while having heaps of fun

Our instructors are on hand with groups in the water, able to give extra tips on the beach, and give detailed feedback during our informal classroom analysis.

As well as coaching, we’re also keen to develop your learning and understanding of the sport in general. This is why we offer a separate Q&A session, answering all things bodyboarding: equipment, travel, safety, surf prediction, understanding pressure charts and bodyboarding fitness.


You need to make your own travel arrangements to Ireland, so we recommend lining up a travel agent to get good deals, or use Skyscanner to hunt the best flights for you.   If you are flying from the UK, we work closely with the good people at Dial-A-Flight, so get in touch and they can hook you up – just give them a call and ask to speak to our bodyboarder-friendly agent, Lee (020 7295 1556).Failing that, contact us directly and we can always advise which will be best to go for.

If you’d rather book yourself, there are many budget airlines which offer cheap flights from the UK and beyond to Belfast and Dublin.

To make logistics easier (and to get you in the water quicker!), we ask all of our clients to fly into Belfast or Dublin, arriving in the morning of the first day of the trip, and booked to leave in the afternoon on the last day.

If you want to arrive earlier or leave later, that’s fine. We’ll let you know where and when to meet us on the first day. However please be aware, if you arrive at an airport other than Belfast International you’ll need to find your own way to Bundoran. If you land in Dublin there is likely to be the chance to car share to get to Bundoran or we will send you details of the public transport that you can use. Then we can pick you up from the bus or train station when you get near Bundoran.

Alternatively, if you want to have the luxury of your own car during the week, you can catch a ferry from Pembrokeshire, Holyhead or France for varying prices and drive yourself. Irish residents just meet us in Bundoran.

If going for this option, please plan ahead and give yourself enough time to make your way up to Bundoran from your arrival port – some of the roads in Ireland can get very small very quickly, and the last thing you want is the extra stress when you’re late of meandering in the wrong direction, stuck behind a herd of craggy Irish livestock.

You have to expect pot holes, missing signs and delays on the roads here, so just chill and enjoy the views – they’re magnificent!


Room options
7 nights in a shared room £599
7 nights in a private room £799 (limited availability)
7 nights in a private double room for two people £1599

7 nights for a couple where one is a non bodyboarder £1479


You should budget around 10 to 30 Euros per day for food, depending whether you eat out or in.

Photo and Video Package

Photographs will be taken through out the holiday to help improve your riding, you can buy the shots at the end of the week for £50 and £30 for the video.

Equipment Hire

We have pro standard equipment available to hire for the week. Just let us know at the time of booking what you need and your sizes.

Pro standard Bodyboard Hire £40 per week

Wetsuit £40 per week

Fins £20 per week

Payment plans
You can pay in full at time of booking or you can split the payment into two or three instalments. The dates of these instalments can be agreed at time of booking.
Until your first payment is received your place on the trip is not reserved. The full balance for the trip must be received 12 weeks prior to departure.

Area Ireland Bodyboard Hoiday


The north west of Ireland is like the land that time forgot. From stunning, calm, turquoise bays that look like they’re out of a Caribbean travel brochure, you can round a headland and suddenly find a wild and roaring ocean.

Home to soaring cliffs, frenzied seabirds and emerald-green pastures, the area also benefits from the Glenveagh National Park, a mountain wilderness alive with flora and fauna.

Hikes in the hills, lakes and glens will take you through the heartland of Ireland, past crumbling ancient castles and crumbling modern farms. The landscape here has plunging forested waterfalls, jagged mountains with peaks hidden in the clouds, and many a warm, cosy pub, ready to greet you with a smile.

But for us, it all comes back to the incredibly diverse and dynamic coastline, home to some truly awesome bodyboarding waves, which you could spend a lifetime exploring and still find yourself constantly surprised.

Kit List

Pro standard Bodyboard Hire £40 per week
Wetsuit £40 per week
Fins £20 per week

Bodyboarding is one of life’s great pleasures, and in Ireland we have an excellent selection of kit hire for the week, which can be ordered in advance and that we’ll bring along, so all you need to think about is the surf, sea and sun! If you have your own kit please bring it along.

Feel free to call us on 01637 879571 and we can chat with you about what you’d need to hire so it’s ready and waiting for you when you arrive. 


Being Northern Europe and not the tropics, we’d recommend a board with a bit of flex! Therefore aim to bring a board with either a stringered PE or a low-density PP core.

To help with this, we can supply hired boards which are perfect for use in Ireland’s cool temperatures and wave types.

If you need to hire one, or are interested in trying one different to your own, get in touch and we can get you sorted with the right-sized board so you can get the most out of the week.


With sea temperatures around 13C in October, we’d recommend a decent sealed seam 4/3mm, especially for early sessions.


It’s essential to use a pair of comfortable, powerful, bodyboarding swim fins to get the most from the awesome waves on the camp. 


It’s a simple insurance policy on any trip, so don’t forget a leash – it’ll save you a whole load of unnecessary swimming. 

Bodyboard travel bag

A decent board bag will keep your kit safely protected throughout your journey, especially when you consider the brutality of some baggage handlers. They range from £20 to more than £100 – the more you pay, the better protection you get. The best on the market is the Creatures wheelie bag, it’s heat-reflective, padded and you can wheel it around, saving your arms and shoulders for paddling.

Board sock

Board socks perform a dual purpose, protecting your board from the sun, and drying you off as it’s a handy towel. The humble board sock is a great all-rounder. 

Fin socks

Fin socks are a regulation piece of kit. They protect your feet from rub and sharp rocks, as well as keeping them toasty on the early morning sessions. 

Heel shields

If you don’t wear wetsuit socks and want to prevent rub around your heels, it’s worth considering a set of heel shields. They make fins comfortable, stop chafe and have different thickness levels to suit the snugness of your fin. 

Fin tethers

Don’t let a lost fin ruin the rest of your trip. Bag a set of tethers and know you’ll pop up from every duckdive and wipeout with both fins still attached.

Sun protection

There are a range of sun creams geared specifically for bodyboarding, and we can attest they actually stay on in the water!

While we can’t guarantee bright blue skies, there’s nothing worse than having to sit out on an epic session because your sun cream washed off yesterday and today you’re painfully crispy.


Please bring warm clothing. Layers work best to cater for all weather conditions. Please include a good quality waterproof jacket.

What’s Included

Our Irish bodyboard camp comprises 7 nights of accommodation, and 7 days of tracking down some of the sickest waves to boog in northern Europe.

If all clients who are flying can aim to land into Belfast or Dublin on the morning of day 1. We’ll be on the ground at Belfast, looking for people with bodyboard bags, and once you’ve been located, we’ll check you in. You may have a short wait at the airport as the rest of the group assembles.

We recommend bringing a book, Kindle or iPad to keep yourself entertained during this period. We’ll then make our way to the accommodation, you’ll be shown to your room, after which we’ll have a group meeting to chat about the holiday ahead.

Every day then throughout the week we’ll be surf-guiding with locals to find the best waves for your ability, normally getting up early, grabbing a snack and suiting up for some EMGO (early-morning glass-off).

After a couple of hours we’ll head back to the accommodation for a quick breakfast and a refuel. Once done we’re straight back on it – if it’s been pumping we’ll head back out, or check out different spots to make the most of it before tides drop or winds switch.

Back at the accommodation we’ll go through a photo and video analysis session, and people’s time is then their own to visit local tourist attractions, grab a bite or explore the stunning Donegal landscape.

For the frothers there’s always the chance of a sneaky third session before dinner, kicking back, witnessing a stunning sunset over the water or catching the latest bodyboarding film on the TV.

Photography and video analysis will be available throughout all sessions to help improve your riding, and each of these will be available to take away and keep at the end of the week too, for an additional £30 and £20 respectively.

The group will go out for a food shop to use the self catering facilities in the house to prepare food. There will also be a couple of group meals out to the excellent local restaurants/pubs.


Please arrange your arrival flights to land on the morning of the first day of the trip. Please book your return flights to leave in the afternoon or evening of the final day of the trip.


Frequently Asked Questions about our Ireland Holiday.

Do I need a visa?

Visas are not required for British and European passport holders for stays of up to 90 days. Passports must be valid for three months from the date of entry into Ireland. Non-European travellers should seek advice about visa requirements from their travel agent.

I’m a silver surfer, will this be a problem?

If you’re over 60 years old – or will be turning 60 on the trip – we need to chat on the phone prior to booking. Please call us on 01637 879571, or email us to arrange a time for a call.

Can we contact you if we have travel problems?

On the day that you travel please keep your mobile phone handy so we can stay in touch in case of delays and flight changes. Please inform us at the airport if you’re early or delayed for any reason. If you need help to book your flight then just drop us a line.

If you can’t find our representative at Belfast International, stay there and wait, they won’t be far away, having tracked your arrival time. However, if you’re having real problems finding them, please call +44 1637 879571 – one of us will be sure to locate you.

What’s the best way to transport my bodyboard and kit?

Remember to check the baggage size and weight allowance with your airline, as well as read their guidance for carrying bodyboards. Baggage handlers can be unforgiving, so a tough bag and intelligent packing are a must.

Firstly, pack your board(s) in a protective, padded board bag, and write FRAGILE and TOP LOAD ONLY on it with the largest, most permanent marker you can find. Make sure you wrap your towel and wettie around your board inside the bag for added protection. Place your shampoo and other wet toiletries in a separate sealed bag in case of leakage. We also recommend locking your bag zips with a padlock.

Do I need personal travel insurance?

Please advise our coaching staff of any medical complaints or conditions prior to your trip.

We will ask for travel insurance details upon booking, so please organise this nice and early. Ireland locals do not need travel insurance. We will also ask you to fill out an enrolment form with these details before the holiday. You do not need travel insurance if you are an Ireland resident.

How can I find out about medical advice for travelling?

Health and safety medical advice for travellers can be found at Otherwise, contact your GP or the Department of Health (DoH) for further information.

Alternatively, from the UK you can call the helpline on free phone 0800 555777. The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) issues up-to-date information on safety issues for countries world-wide. Contact the FCO travel advice line on 020 7238 4503/4504 if you have any concerns.

What currency should I take?

The currency in Ireland is the Euro, which you can pick up from travel agencies, banks or post offices. There are also exchange facilities in airports as well as ATMs, though this may cost you more.

Please get your money changed before the trip, or bring a valid card to take money out from the ATM. There is one a five-minute walk from the accommodation.

We plan to be surfing and chilling as much as possible, so please don’t bring currency other than Euros.

How much should I budget for the trip?

A budget of 10 to 30 Euros per day for food, depending whether you eat out or in. There are many local markets and shops in the nearby towns if you’re looking to take presents home, so add this to your daily allowance.

Can I make contact from abroad?

If you are based outside of the UK and would like to chat through the weekend details, we can be contacted through WhatsApp, Facetime or Skype, just let us know by email and we can arrange this with you.

How do I pay?

Payments are all made via our online invoicing system called Simple Invoices. Once you have confirmed you wish to join a trip we will send you an online invoice via email. Within this email there will be a link where that will take you to our secure payment system where you will need to enter your credit or debit card details to make the payment.

Payment Plans
You can pay in full at time of booking or you can split the payment into two or three instalments. The dates of these instalments can be agreed at time of booking.
Until your first payment is received your place on the trip is not reserved. The full balance for the trip must be received 12 weeks prior to departure.

What happens if I want to cancel my booking?

If you can no longer join the trip please let us know as soon as possible via email, your cancellation will be effective from the date which it is received by Bodyboard-Holidays. Cancellation charges are payable as follows:

Over 12 weeks – deposit only (one third of the total trip price)
36 days to 12 weeks – 50% of total cost
21-35 days – 75% of total cost
Under 20 days – 100% of total cost

However if your cancellation is within the terms of your insurance policy, you may be able to make a claim. Further information here.

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“My first time on the Ireland Trip and would highly recommend it. We had a great guide during the week who was able to find waves for all levels. The coaching was always on point with top tips for different manoeuvres.”


“Mave and Gareth were absolutely brilliant with their guidance and instruction. The week was a total dream. I would recommend this to anyone looking for waves.

Phil W

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