Our Epic November Morocco Trip


It was great getting back out to Morocco again this November along with our stoke filled crew of bodyboarders ready to shred. Our arrival coincided perfectly with a pumping swell, light winds and sunshine that hung around for the majority of the week.

Having this large swell at our disposal meant we were able to travel up and down the coastline searching for the best waves for every individual riders ability. Highlights include scoring pumping Anchor Point and one particular spin session seeing lots of the group land their first ever 360’s!


After a long days bodyboarding the crew would congregate on the rooftop terrace to chill out with a beer and watch the sun go down. Lovely stuff.

Thanks to everyone who joined us on the trip and made it so epic!

Do you like the look of this trip? We’re heading back out there in March and November, take a look here for further information

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