Portugal Bodyboarding Camp – Gaining more speed on your bodyboard


Portugal Bodyboarding Camp – Gaining more speed on your bodyboard

By Rob Barber

Images by Mr. Berry

In May we enjoyed an awesome week of bodyboarding, incredible accommodation and a fantastic mix of individuals on our Portugal bodyboard retreat.

Through the many different spots that we adventured too, one of the re-occurring themes was that riders needed to get more speed from their take off. Follow these 5 tips to maximize your take off speed.

1. Wave selection

Quite simply, choose the biggest and best shaped waves and take off right on the peak. It seems simple when you write it like that. But you’d be surprised how many bodyboarders don’t heed this simple advice. Also, remember this rule; ‘if it’s covered in froth, pull off’. This means, don’t catch the last wave of a set that is covered in froth. It will be slow, have bad shape and break in an unpredictable fashion.

2. Paddle power

When the wave is nearing, go from ‘’naught to sixty’ as fast as you can. That means, paddle as fast as you can, just as the wave is about to hit you. Then when the wave is under you, keep paddling and apply pressure with your hands on to the front corners of your board. This will keep the board completely flat.

3 . Choose a high line

Keep on paddling as you take a direction across the wave, only pull your weight up in to the trim position when you feel that you have locked your rail in to the wave face by leaning across the wave.

4. Lunge for speed

As you pull up in to the trim position, really throw your weight forward and un-weight the back of your board. Keep your legs straight and out of the water. Arch your back and look down the line. Your body should be tensed to keep you rigid.

5. Enjoy the ride

Now it’s time to enjoy the speed going down the line. With this newfound speed all moves will become easier.

If you like the look of these shots and fancy enjoying the best of Portugal Bodyboarding, join us on our group trips in September or October.