Riding a wave pool is the best way to improve your bodyboarding


Bodyboard-Holidays has just returned from their North Wales and Surf Snowdonia Coaching Weekend. Everyone left feeling like they learned lots of new skills on this man made wave. Here’s a little snippet of what they got up to:

Day 1.

Ocean Surf and stunning drive through Snowdonia

The weekend got underway with the gang all meeting up and going for an ocean surf at the North Wales iconic beach break of Hell’s Mouth.

This was the perfect chance to practice some important techniques required for the waves at Surf Snowdonia.

The wave pool itself is a short distance from the coast which meant a stunningly scenic drive up through the foothills of Mount Snowdon – a perfect place to take some photos and stop for a bit of lunch.

Surf Snowdonia, first look at the wave pool.

As you turn in to the car park at Surf Snowdonia, you get your first glimpse of the wave. The whole crew were instantly excited and couldn’t wait to get amongst the action.

After checking into our wave side eco pod accommodation, and a short introduction video and explanation of how the wave works from Rob (the trip leader), everyone suited up and got ready to go.

Two hours of pure bodyboarding fun ensued and there was ear to ear smiles on everyone’s faces as they tried this perfectly peeling wave for the first time.

Surf Snowdonia truly is the place for making bodyboarding improvements. Near identical waves time and again means everyone can really hone their skills. Combined with the Bodyboard Holidays camera crew capturing all the action with ease, improvements are fast and the video coaching sessions are a priceless way to further those improvements.

By the end of the first day, everyone was well and truly surfed out and enjoyed a delicious group meal before retiring to the eco pod village for a good night’s sleep.

Day 2.

Pool session number 2, practice makes perfect.

After an awesome evening meal in the pool side restaurant and a comfortable night’s sleep in our eco pods, it was time to quickly review some of the footage from yesterday and take in those last-minute pointers before heading back in to the pool.

Another two hours of having the ‘advanced’ section of the wave pool exclusively to ourselves, and another great session of riding went down from all the gang.

By midday, we were all showered, truly surfed out and ready to hit the road with memories of an awesome trip to North Wales with Bodyboard Holidays.

Check out this clip and enjoy a small snippet of what went down at our ‘North Wales Bodyboard Coaching Weekend – Surf Snowdonia 2019’

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